How many pictures for a shape?

To begin with my pupils of Year7, I gave them just an empty circle and everyone filled the shape with  different textures and pictures… how many suggestion for the same shape! With this simple exercise I started to know my students, their ability and their approach to my subject.

Quante immagini da un cerchio! I ragazzi delle seconde hanno messo alla prova la loro abilità ricavando moltissime idee da un semplice cerchio vuoto. Un esercizio che racconta già molto di ogni ragazzo e ragazza: in ogni disegno c’è qualcosa del suo carattere, della sua indole e dell’approccio personale all’educazione artistica.
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  1. Doesn't each one tell you so much about the person who designed it?? Very ingenious of you! (I do love the eye-ball, does that tell you something about me? :))

  2. I like it! Mine would include an orange slice and a glass marble. I'll have to work on this.

  3. Taking a 31 day drawing challenge, for myself & this is a perfect project! Thank you for all of your fantastic ideas!

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