Inspired by Rothko


I love Rothko, I try to teach who he is and what he has done. The easiest way is to copy his works of art, his colour’s fields  and compositionsWith soft pastels start creating fields of colour on white, black or colored cardboards. The colour can be blended with your fingers, or with a brush dipped in baby oil. We should try not to mix the color fields, rather to color within the rectanglesThe completed drawing is fixed with fixative spray or hairspray.


Here some paintings of Rothko, just for inspiration:



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  1. Great idea- I would never have thought to use chalk pastel for Rothko's work! I also like his paintings very much.

  2. That's amazing! I love Rothko too and I think that this work is really beautiful.

  3. Ma che bellini. Tramandare l'arte ai bambini divertendosi è la miglior cosa, davvero una bella idea! Complimenti ;)Tante belle cose.

  4. Grazie Laura! Grazie del tuo commento! fammi sapere se anche tu hai un blog o altro per tenersi in contatto!! Buon anno!!!

  5. Ashley Elizondo says

    Hello…I just want to start off saying that I love your blog. You have the greatest ideas! I love this particular lesson. I wanted to experiment with the baby oil technique because I love the well blended and soft look you achieved with your students. I must have done the technique incorrectly because when I began with the paintbrush dipped in baby oil, it made a clumpy mess. Also, the color basically disappeared and all I was left with was a black oil stained paper. Any suggestions on what I could do differently to be successful?

    • Hi Ashley
      Perhaps it depend on the quality of chalks as well… those are soft pastels (a bit expensive actually…) and the colors absorb the oil they become well blended with a soft look. Try with another kind of pastels and tell me if is better! 🙂

  6. Monica Matei says

    wonderful work !

    • Thanks for your kind comment Monica!! 🙂 Sei italiana?

      • Monica Matei says

        Cara Miriam,
        Sono ebrea, nata in Romania, visuta in Israele,ed da 3 ani in Canada. … ho imbarato la tua
        belissima lingua per legere in originale un numero de libri …ed perche credo che e la piu bella nel mondo…scusi la ortografia…
        Te admiro ed lego tute le tue posts !
        I’m a painter and I’m working with kids on the autistic spectrum trough my Blueprint project in collaboration with Art Gallery and Autism Ontario. Your lesson are fresh and inspiring!
        Thank you, again, for sharing!

        • Ciao Monica! Piacere di conoscerti! You are doing an interesting and important job! I’m so glade to be useful an inspiring other teachers and artists is my aim and my goals! Thanks a lot for your comment and your experience! 🙂

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