The story of a girl named Anne Frank: the set

“I wish, I wish it all,” this is the title of the play conceived and directed by Elena Galvani and James Laurino with middle school students by Taio on the occasion of Holocaust Memorial Day.
The show will be staged Wednesday, January 26 Thursday, January 27, 2011 and replicated at the Theatre of the Elementary Schools of Taio, at 20:30.

This was an opportunity for students to realize the scenery and the layout of these in the theater, thanks to the collaboration of some guys from other classes
The original idea was inspired by some “visual references” from the Secret Annex in Amsterdam where Anne Frank lived with her ​​family and other refugees illegal immigrants.

First, we are made of the sketches that, with the system of the grid, have been enlarged and shown on cartoons patiently cut and pasted from the students.


from the first idea…
to the reality!
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  1. L'effetto scenico è veramente coinvolgente, evoca le atmosfere descritte nel libro. Dove avete trovato il tempo di fare tutto? Complimenti Miriam, sono davvero colpita. Ciao.

  2. questi ragazzi sono stati bravissimi. Io ho anche partecipato allo spettacolo teatrale e mi è piaciuto molto.ciao

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